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July 9, 2020

10 Reasons Why the Hyundai H-100 is Your Heavyweight Business Partner

Around the globe and even in the Philippines, business owners are trying their best to adapt to the “new normal” lifestyle, because getting back on their feet allows them—and their respective communities—to thrive during this global pandemic. But adapting to the new normal might be challenging, as this means working round-the-clock while taking precautionary measures for the quality goods and services they’ve been accustomed to providing.

This is where a reliable workhorse comes in, and luckily, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), the Philippines’ official distributor of Hyundai personal and commercial vehicles, has a heavyweight contender that has gained a following among business owners for its dependability and efficiency: the Hyundai H-100, complete with “Biga10” benefits for your mobility needs.

Benefit #1: The H-100 is social distancing-ready. Before the new normal, the H-100 carried 21 pax in its shuttle configuration. But to make way for social distancing that can keep us safe from spreading the virus, the H-100 can now be reconfigured to a 9-seater—complete with individualized seating, plastic dividers and even a contactless payment system for your passengers!

Benefit #2: The H-100 has 1,080 kg load capacity. Those in the business of delivering goods know just how crucial the extra load capacity can bring them, and with the H-100’s whopping 1,080 kg load capacity (that’s 285 kg or the total weight of 4 average Filipinos, more than some of its competitors), they can feel assured knowing they have the capacity to always deliver.

Benefit #3: The H-100 has a longer wheelbase for better stability and more cargo space. Standing wide and proud, the H-100 isn’t compromising your cargo space as well as your stability on the road because of its 2,430mm wheelbase.

Benefit #4: The H-100 is 4,955 mm long. For those who are in the business of moving or lipat-bahay, you’ll always have more than enough to carry appliances and other household items with the H-100’s length of 4,955 mm (including its shuttle body!) Partner that with the 2,430 mm wheelbase, and you can be assured that no item would be left behind.

Benefit #5: The H-100 has the power and torque that makes it a formidable runner. With the H-100’s maximum power of 130 horsepower and maximum torque of 255 Nm, you won’t have reasons to dread pick-up or delivery addresses that involve challenging road conditions or uphill climbs.

Benefit #6: The H-100’s 6-speed M/T makes long drives fuel efficient. If you’re thinking of entering the pasabuy business that enables entrepreneurs to buy and deliver goods so their community members can simply stay at home, then you won’t be disappointed with the H-100! Powered with a 6-speed manual transmission, the H-100 allows you to make every drop of fuel count, highway driving and long drives won’t put a strain on your fuel budget.

Benefit #7: The H-100 keeps you safe with its Load-Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV). The H-100 is engineered with LSPV, which is known for providing better braking stability. You can trust that the H-100 has balanced its stopping power and agility that will come to play whenever you feel like hitting the brakes, thus keeping you safe and sound while on the road.

Benefit #8: The H-100 feels comfortable and car-like. We all know that driving all day, every day can take its toll on the driver’s health and well-being. So whether you’re planning to drive the H-100 yourself or you’re assigning it to one of your drivers, you can feel confident knowing that driver comfort is not compromised with the H-100’s car-like modern driver space.

Benefit #9: The H-100 can stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a workhorse that can stay strong for years to come, then you can find the perfect match in the H-100 models proudly assembled at the Hyundai Assembly and Logistics Inc. (HALO). That’s because they’ve undergone the 7-dip Electrodeposition (ED) Process which makes their bodies resistant to rust and corrosion—without being weighed down!

Benefit #10: The H-100 lets you stay worry-free for five years. Some may offer one or two or three years’ worth of warranty. But not the H-100, because it comes with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty for your cab and chassis! Match that with the rust-resistant body of HALO-assembled H-100 models, and you’ll surely have nothing to worry about as you continue focusing on your business operations, no transportation setbacks and delays whatsoever.

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  1. Put a toyota engine in there or anything else of quality except of the same design. Just not very good engine's that's in the H100. And please make the cab tilt so that I as a mechanic can reach every point of that engine to be fixed


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