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July 7, 2020

Dear Ford Philippines, Please Give Us the Bronco

Dear Ford Philippines, I hope you change your mind about launching the Territory and instead give us the Bronco instead? We know the launch for the Bronco is still slated for next week, but can you forgive us for wishing this because you showed us this teaser?

Surely, we’re not expecting you to bring the whole family (yes, Ford is launching the Bronco with three distinct models), but you could throw us a bone and give us at least one? I mean, the Jeep Wrangler sure looks lonely in that category, and we’re betting you can price and/or spec your Bronco way better too.

Filipinos will surely like the fact that the all-new Bronco is built as an uncompromising off-roader built with, as you promise, class-leading levels of capability and suspension technology. And declaring it as the future of off-roading should be enough to wet the pants of some Toyota FJ Cruiser owners looking for a new toy.

Besides, we think it’s better than a POS China SUV you’re passing off as the Territory, right? Right? Right?


  1. Dear Ford Philippines, please give us the Ford F-150 Raptor as well.

  2. Dear Ford Philippines,
    We will be happy if you bring all the Bronco siblings in our shore.


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