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July 11, 2020

Purchase CTEK, the World's Smartest Battery Charger on Lazada

CTEK, the world’s smartest battery charger/maintainer is now available on Lazada Philippines. With reduced driving, this can help drivers keep their 12-volt car battery in great shape, or even revive dead ones.

You can check out the CTEK Flagship Store on Lazada here. It contains CTEK’s best-sellers including the entry-level MXS 3.8, the versatile MXS 5.0, and the CT5 Time to Go. CTEK accessories such as extension plugs, and more are available as well.

Incorporating an 8-step recharging system, CTEK optimizes the battery without stressing it out. Once the battery reaches its optimum charge level, it will use a pulsating charge to keep things topped off without overcharging it. During this mode, the battery is allowed to naturally discharge to a certain level before being charged again.

Other chargers won’t be able to switch to this mode and this can cause overcharging. When a battery’s overcharged, it causes gassing, drying it out in the process. Rather than simply estimating a battery’s needs, the CTEK charger stays in constant communication, reacting and charging only when needed.

What’s more, CTEK is entirely painless to use: just connect one end to the battery with the supplied alligator clamps, and the other to the outlet. It also features a reverse polarity warning light that turns on if you have placed the clamps on the incorrect battery post. The CTEK charger goes through an automated sequence deciding what needs to be done. It can recondition the battery by returning lost electrolytes; and if necessary, alert you if the battery can’t take a charge.

From personal experience, it takes just five days from order to delivery for my order, a CTEK Battery Sense Health Monitor (see photo above) and the item is well-packed upon delivery.

Access the CTEK Flagship store on Lazada here.

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